Our Story


At Industry Brewery, we brew with one foot in the past and our eyes towards the future. From the early settlers to the modern artisan brewers, Texas brewing history abounds with the finest quality brewmasters, crafting award-winning beers since the 19th century.

We draw inspiration from this historic Texas brewing industry for each of our beers. Rather than chasing the trends of other states, we develop brews by exploring what it means to be truly Texan beer. Drinking Industry Brewery beer is a celebration of Texans, past and present. It’s drinkable craft lagers and ales meant to be enjoyed together with friends. Consider our taproom a communal backyard or a neighborhood icehouse -- a gathering place for all beer lovers of Texas.

Industry Brewery’s story stretches back to December 2012, as Paul Sorensen decided that a brewery was the next step in his life. As a lifelong beer lover, he sought to bring high-quality, refreshing brews to the small town of Industry, Texas. However, life doesn’t always go as planned. After a lengthly hiatus, the Industry Brewery story began anew with Paul’s son. John Sorensen had been living on the East Coast for six years, growing to appreciate the unique beer cultures of other states. After being away for many years, John wanted the chance to come back to the town he loves and build his own legacy with his father's help. John could not do it alone, so he asked two of his best friends if they would help. First was one of his best friends from high school, Kyle Tennyson. Kyle has always loved beer and had been homebrewing since college. He jumped on board, took formal beer training, and he was so excited to make beer his career. The other member is Hannah Schaible, with the most unique path to working in beer. After a professional basketball career in Denmark, Hannah returned to a fiance obsessed with Texas beer and eager to get started. So naturally another move followed, as John and Hannah moved to Houston to start the new Industry Brewery journey.

We have grown and evolved from the original plan dreamt by Paul, but the passion for high-quality beer and sense of community remains. The vision of drinkable brews carries on from small town Industry to downtown Houston. We strive to create Texas style beers, continuously inspired by the unique state pride and local ingredients.


Our Team


JOhn Sorensen

President & CEO


Kyle Tennyson

Head Brewer


Hannah Schaible

Creative Director


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Being an environmentally minded business, Industry Brewery is lucky enough to have a connection with Sandy Creek Ranch. We are able to provide the ranch with the spent grain from the brews, which the cows and mother earth love. Sandy Creek Ranch is a family ranch hosting local employees and some of our very first customers. If interested you can check out what Sandy Creek Ranch is up to here. As we grow we want to expand our commitment to being a mindful business.